Where do I start, and how?

Someone from my home town reached out to me via my facebook page and asked this question 'Where do I start, and how?'. I thought I would share my response to Billy for anyone stuck at the start.

Whether you believe it or not, you have already started. Just by wanting to take a break to see how it affects you and your life, you have a curiosity about something better for yourself, and that is half the battle.

Here are some practical tips that may help:

Read or listen to well regarded 'quit lit'.

I listened to these books on Audible.

This Naked Mind- Annie Grace

The Unexpected Joy of being sober- Catherine Gray

Alcohol explained- William Porter

I find it easier to listen to books these days and I still listen to these books regularly, I feel like I unconsciously take in the message even if not actively listening. I find them particularly helpful when I'm craving a drink, helps remind me why I did this.

Join some support groups on Facebook. Any time I had a wobble I reached out on one of these groups and within minutes I had people cheering me on and supporting me through. These groups are usually closed so when you join it's not shown in your newsfeed so no one can know (if that's what you prefer) but bear in mind you may know people in the groups. Iv said things in these groups I haven't told my closest confidants, might seem strange, but the support iv gotten has gotten me through some near misses. Solidarity man!

Iv just started a Soberhood closed support group which I'd love you to join and Iv also found these groups helpful

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

Club Soda Alcohol-Free

Download a Sober days tracker. Another tip is to download the I am Sober app or any sober days tracker so you can count your sober days, BUT more importantly, so you can list your reasons WHY you want to stop drinking. I check this all the time. I can't believe I'm still not drinking and seeing how far iv come makes me feel so proud of myself. The app also tells you how much money I have saved- so I'm saving for some jewellery! How many days Iv saved not being hungover, and I have a picture of my son uploaded along with my reasons so I can stay strong when I need to.

There will be daily support like the above tips on The Challenge which will be ready soon If you would like to hear about when it launches please sign up in the subscription box at bottom of this page

Oh and BTW, Billy is smashing it, 12 days sober today and has started his Instagram page to track his journey and keep him accountable (another awesome tip I will be stealing for my challenge :-)

Its easier to keep the ball rolling then to get the ball rolling, so just start where you are.

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

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