I'm not receiving my emails

Please check your junk/spam mail folder on a browser, not all junk shows on an app. If you are still unable to find the emails please contact us on elaine@soberhood.com.au

If the email is in junk/spam, drag it into your inbox so that you will receive future emails.

Should I consult with my doctor?

Please consult with your doctor BEFORE you stop alcohol abruptly especially if you have been drinking heavily for a prolonged period. 

Can my Facebook friends see my activity in the Soberhood challenger's Facebook group?

No. The Facebook group is a closed group. No one will know if you join it, post, comment or like within this group, so don't worry.

I want to remain anonymous during the challenge, is that possible?

Yes, you can. The community aspect is the only public forum and that is a closed Facebook group with the other women who are also taking the challenge. You can choose not to join that group if you wish. 

You will still receive the daily emails and I can send you a recording of the group mindset session, which will be held on Zoom if you would prefer not to join that also. BUT I would encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Most women feel apprehensive but find that connecting with others in the same situation gives them strength

Do you guarantee results?

We do not guarantee that you will achieve a certain result. You are personally responsible for your results, development, health, life, and well-being.


What if I have another question not listed here?

Send us an email elaine@soberhood.com.au and ill be sure to answer anything questions I can. You can also see the reviews from the people who have been helped here 

What if I don't have PayPal?

If you don't have PayPal, don't worry, just email me at elaine@soberhood.com.au and we will sort out an alternative method of payment

The email I use to log into PayPal is different from the email address I want to use for my Daily Challenge emails

No worries! If you need to have your daily challenge emails sent to a different email address just let me know at elaine@soberhood.com.au stating your PayPal email and your alternative preferred email address

This programme won't suit you if

  • You are chronically physically addicted to alcohol and need support from medically trained professionals to quit

  • If you are looking for a quick fix

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