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Hey beautiful awakening woman

Moving into the next phase of your sobriety journey can be daunting and uncertain and if you are anything like I was you will be thinking and feeling:


I feel so good when I don't drink! I get up early, have loads of energy and have felt A-MAZING mentally, but I'm worried ill slip back to my old ways once I'm finished with this challenge


The challenge has been smooth sailing for me, but I’m just so scared about feeling all these new feelings and having no release


I'm SO proud of myself, I haven’t ever gone this long without wine, but I haven’t had a situation yet like a party or a dinner, and it scares me


Iv had some wine here of there and I can see a massive change for the better, but I still don't feel super confident


I would love to join you on the next phase of your journey by guiding you to bolster your confidence to:

….  go to that party/dinner/bbq and confidently say no to the wine without giving it much thought?

​...powerfully align yourself with the abundant self-acceptance and love you want

​... focus on doing what you love and make alcohol irrelevant in your decisions?

...finally feel safe to create the certainty you need within yourself and give yourself permission to live life true to you! 


If this resonates with you on a deep level then you are in the right place.   

I created this program just for you. Get ready for Le Muria.


Le Muria- is one of Earths lost lands, where heaven really was a place on Earth, where life was harmonious and all beings were equal and where the people lived by the ideal that the only way to heal the world around us is to first heal ourselves


Hey, I'm Elaine

I laugh so loud I get stared at in restaurants.


I am a deep thinker but love nothing more than watching Workin' Moms with a pizza in my PJs.


My happy place is at home dancing to loud music with my handsome energiser bunny son Rory.


Outside of Mum Life, I am a 

NLP + Time Line Therapy Practitioner 

Alcohol Mindset Coach 

The host of the Soulful Sobriety podcast and the founder of Soberhood


I mainline coffee these days instead of wine and I empower my clients to give up alcohol and gain freedom through self-acceptance, love and mindset shifts so that they can show up UNAPOLOGETICALLY in their power because I know that's how you fulfil your purpose 

If you are ready to invest in your exponential transformation then this soul level academy is for you


  • Powerful inner child masterclass to connect and deepen your connection to the endless fountain of love and acceptance inside of you


  • Self-healing and reparenting workshops to guide you through self-care in its most authentic and basic form so that you can be even more resilient when the wine witch calls  


  • Connected and guided meditations and live Q&A's


  • Practical tools for nervous system regulation to help you create inner certainty 

  • A book club of highly recommend books each month to read and review on collectively


  • A mind-blowingly fun, self-love expert workshop to bestow on you the euphoria that is available without alcohol


  • A highly supportive online community so you can surround your self with a like-minded village and get all the support you need on the daily


You in? Only $297


Pay upfront for the whole 3 months (Aug, Sept, Oct)

Investment  $297



How long does the program run for?

  • This academy will run from Aug 1st to October 31st 2020


Is it worth the price?

  • This is the founding member price so iv kept it super low, the price will increase drastically from November 1st. How much would you have spent on alcohol in a 3 month period in the past? It's less than that:)


I have not managed to stay totally sober for the challenge, can I still join?

  • 100% Yes!!! This academy will continue to build your knowledge, confidence but most importantly your connection to yourself and lay a comprehensive foundation for you to feel safe to continue on this journey

I have not done the Soberhood challenge but I have been sober on and off for a few months, is this for me?

  • YASSS for all you lovely women on your journies to awakening 


Eastgardens, Sydney, NSW

0061 416 301 420

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