Hey there, my name is Elaine.

I created Soberhood so that I could help people like you change your beliefs and redefine your relationship with alcohol. 

Soberhood is a supportive judgement-free zone where I hope to give you the tools and strategies to not only navigate life sober but LOVE your sober life. 

Former grey area drinker, I knew alcohol was having a negative effect on my life but I didn't realise how much it was damaging my relationships and body until I was forced to stop.

Desperately sad, feeling like life was a relentless struggle, my body inflamed and in constant pain with endometriosis, separating from the father of my son and not coping on a daily basis with my beautiful son. I resorted to drinking prosecco (cause I'm a classy broad:-)) on the beach in the dark by myself and having panic attacks. After having a panic attack in the car on the way to a Christmas holiday while my son watched on, I begged the universe to make it stop and in return, I would never drink again.

Was it hard to stop? Definitely. Did I want to give up sometimes (A LOT)? Absolutely. Was it worth it?

1,000,000% YES. 

Now, I want to help you. I believe in you and I already know can do it. You are worthy of love, joy, peace, and success. Your spirit is in there and it’s bold and brave and beautiful. So set it free! 


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