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Thoughts on an alcohol-free life, motherhood & mental health.......

......and some more thoughts on endometriosis, feminism, self-discovery, meditation and love.

The Awesome Soberhood AF Drinks Directory!


Download and print this free (and highly detailed) directory to add to your alcohol-free strategy toolbox!


I hope having some AF alternatives will help you as much as it has helped me. I have wine, cider and spirits in my fridge for that evening urge, and to grab to take to BBQs, parties and dinners. 

The Soberhood 'Dodge the Grog' Challenge is a 30-day coaching program for anyone who wants to kickstart a fulfilling, alcohol-free life

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Go deeper and understand yourself better?


Exact location and time to come
Sydney central
Soberhood Dry July Event 2020- COMING SOON
Sun, Oct 27
Three Fools Coffee
Cork City meet up- Event Finished
Sun, Jul 28
Centennial Park Cycles
Joy July Jaunt-Event Finished
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