I help women give up alcohol and gain freedom through self-acceptance, love and mindset shifts so that they can reveal their souls calling


The Soulful Sobriety Academy

Le Muria- is one of Earths lost lands, where heaven really was a place on Earth, where life was harmonious and all beings were equal and where the people lived by the ideal that the only way to heal the world around us is to first heal ourselves



The Soberhood 'Ditch the Wine Witch' Challenge is 30-day's of POWERFUL alcohol mindset transformations so that you can feel CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED to ditch the wine!


The Awesome Soberhood AF Drinks Directory!


Download and print this free (and highly detailed) directory to add to your alcohol-free strategy toolbox!


I hope having some AF alternatives will help you as much as it has helped me. I have wine, cider and spirits in my fridge for that evening urge, and to grab to take to BBQs, parties and dinners. 

Join the Hood! Inspiration, events and challenge dates. PS. no info sharing, no spam, promise.


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